Each player will be required to register as either a guest or club member the first time you visit the website. This will provide you with your user name and password that you will use to login each time you sign up for a game.

When you register, please be very thorough and make sure you complete all information. Be sure to provide your CORRECT Mailing Address as this is where we will send your custom Jerseys. You will be asked to self-classify your level of play so that you can be placed on lines with which you are most compatible. We assign players by skill level as follows: Skill Level 1- advanced skater, Skill Level 2- intermediate or average skater, Skill Level 3- beginning skater. It’s better to be conservative when you start and adjust from there as you get a feel for where you fit in best. Admin will also be rating you as you skate each time to help dial in the parity.

Signing up for a game is easy! Simply visit the website and log in using your user name and password you received when you registered, select the date you would like to play and click "sign up". It's that simple. If a game is already full you will be given the opportunity to sign up on a waiting list which is highly recommended as we can typically get you moved from the wait list to the active game. If you join the wait list you will receive a text message to notify you that you have been moved to the active roster. It is VERY important that you cancel online at that time if you are unavailable for that game. If you fail to cancel it is considered a no show. Please do read and understand the cancellation and no show policy below.


The basic rules are short and simple. Have fun and no fighting! If you cannot play nice with others then you cannot play Puckhead Hockey. We do have a few very specific rules that must be complied with and they are…

  • No member is permitted to step on the ice surface prior to the Zamboni gates being completely closed and all rink staff clear of the ice. This includes stretching by the boards. The only exception to this rule is for Puckhead admin or if you are helping to move the nets for the Zamboni driver. At no time are you permitted to have pucks or any other equipment on the ice during the ice cut process. Violation of this rule will result in being sent home with no refund and a possible suspension from the club. For safety reasons please take this rule very serious.

  • You must be at the rink and checked in with the Puckhead admin no less than 20 minutes prior to the posted start time for each game. If a situation arises that prevents you to be on time you must test the admin to notify them you will be late PRIOR to the 20 minute deadline. If you do not text and are not checked in by the deadline you will be marked as a no show and not permitted to play. Please do not let this happen to you. The text is easy to do and the admin name and contact number is located at the top center of every roster that you will receive via text prior to the game.

  • Fighting and unsportsman like behavior will NOT be tolerated. If you find yourself getting frustrated, go to the bench and cool off. When you play Puckhead Hockey you are playing at your own risk and if you get hurt or hurt somebody else YOU are liable and may face legal action if your play was aggressive or not in line with the spirit of the game and our mission. Puckhead Hockey Club was created to give players a fun, safe environment to enjoy hockey. If you are not here for that reason you need not be here.

  • All members must wear a Puckhead Hockey Jersey. If you are a club member you will receive a custom set of jerseys upon registration. If you register as a guest you will be provided a loaner jersey at each game which must be returned to the admin after each game. No other jerseys are permitted.
All games will consist of no more than 20 skaters and 2 goalies. Our goal is to fill every game and you can help make that happen by having a good time and sharing that with others. Any game that is short (less than 20 skaters) will be played as equally as possible and lines divided accordingly. Puckhead admin is trained to recognize the need to adjust lines as necessary to ensure skill parity. If asked to change your line up, please do so and stay positive. The admin has final say on in all situations and their decisions are to be respected. It is our goal to provide all players with the best game possible.

We do provide full 90 minute games and warm-ups will typically be about 2 minutes of that time. Please do not try to kill your goalies during warm up.

Game play will start with one side "dumping the puck" and the lines will change every 2 minutes. When the line changes please leave the puck on the ice where it sits. PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE PLAY. It takes time away from the next line.

PUCKHEAD HOCKEY is a game of honor, if you commit a penalty or go offside, please release the puck to the other team and correct the condition immediately by coming out of the zone and allow the opponent to "regroup". We play without referees and for this reason it is crucial that all players play with integrity. If you hear the opposing team call offside or penalty, don't argue, just drop the puck and get back to work. It keeps the game moving and you will have more fun!

It is ok to keep score and be competitive but please remember, we are not being scouted and none of us are expecting to be "called up" to the pros so keep it friendly. If you find yourself getting too upset just take a break and remember why you are on the ice. We will NOT tolerate any violence on the ice or in the locker rooms.

We will try to keep similar skill level players on the same lines so that it is as balanced as possible HOWEVER, if you find yourself "hot dogging" out there please remember that you are on a TEAM and all players on your line deserve the same play time as you do. If you feel you are ready to step up to the next line just let us know and we will make sure you get that opportunity.

When the final buzzer sounds please exit the ice immediately. We have been given 90 minutes of ice time for our games. Please do not abuse this by hanging out and shooting that extra shot. When the Zamboni doors open, it’s time to clear the ice. NO more puck play at all please. This is a safety issue and taken seriously.


Payment and Cancellation policies are very strict and must be enforced without bias. Please make every effort to keep your account current.


Option #1 Cash Pay… If you choose this option, please come to the game prepared to pay the game fee.

Option #2 You can pay for games in advance so that you do not have to bring cash to each game. This can be done by check, cash, credit, Venmo, Apple Pay, and Zelle.… check and cash can be paid directly to any admin assistant at any game. These funds will be applied to your account so each game you come to you simply say credit and it is subtracted from your available balance. If you choose to use credit, you would log into your account and click on the link that says GAME FEES. You can deposit any amount you like and these funds are available to you for game fees. You will be able to track your available funds in your Puckhead Account.


***Note: It is VERY IMPORTANT that you read and understand the Cancellation and No Show policy below. This policy has been established to help provide all members with the best game experience possible.


If you need to cancel a game you have registered for please log into your account and click on the “my games” tab. Then select the game you would like to cancel. You will receive an email confirmation that your game has been cancelled. If you do not, please verify on the “my games” tab that the game is no longer registered.

Late Cancellation:

Any cancellation made WITHIN 6 hours of the posted game time is considered a late cancellation. If you need to cancel a game please be sure you do so prior to this 6 hour deadline. A late cancellation is still subject to the game fee and this fee will be automatically charged to your Puckhead account. ** Pleae note: If you must cancel an early morning skate, The cancellation must be done prior to 6pm the previous day to avoid being charged a No Show Fee.

No Show:

Any member that registers for a game and simply does not show up for that game is considered a no show. The fee for a no show is double the game fee. The fee is punitive in nature because we do work hard to ensure full games for our members. If someone does not show up it can be very disruptive to this process. Furthermore, it is intended to provide motivation for players to be accountable to their fellow club members. Without this policy, we would be similar to traditional pick up hockey and that is not what we offer our members. If you are moved from the wait list to the active roster you will receive a text message to notify you of this move. If you ARE available you need do nothing more, just show up and have fun. If you are NOT available, you MUST log in and cancel your game. Please do not text or email the admin to cancel you. If you do not cancel and do not show up you will be charged the no show fee automatically.


*Communication is key to a successful experience with Puckhead Hockey Club.

The cell phone and email info you provide in your Puckhead Account is the contact info we will use to communicate with you. These notifications include things like a 24 hour notice prior to your next game, available game openings, contests, policy changes, roster and line up notifications and more. If this information is not correct or missing you will miss crucial notifications that could cause you to miss games or other opportunities that cause you to be accessed fees.

**Note: We do use two different forms of SMS text notification. The first comes from a standard cell number which is my personal phone 480-861-3250. Please add me to your contact list. The second is thru an SMS service that currently uses the number 833-814-2324. Please add this number to your contact list and do NOT reply STOP as the text indicates at the end of each message. This is a required by the service to notify people how to OPT OUT of the service and if you do this you will no longer receive notifications. Please do not do this.

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