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> Auto Repair

Extreme Auto Works AZ
Home Phone: 480.993.4070

A friend of mine, Chris Donno, has been fixing up new and restoring old cars for many many years. He recently opened up his own business and has his own place now in Chandler. He accepts Insurance and does and AWESOME job.

My experience:

My husband was recently pulling out of the driveway and accidently ran his dodge magnum into the side of our chevy suburban. :) Lovely! We took the vehicles to Chris and he assessed the damage and gave us an estimate of damages. We faxed it to the insurance company who called him and they worked out the deal. Here's the best part...

We dropped off 1 vehicle on a Friday morning and had it back Monday morning and then dropped off the other vehicle and had it back on Wednesday. So both cars were done within 6 days! :) We are a big family and couldn't afford a rental and didn't want to be without a car for very long. When we picked up the cars they had been detailed from the inside out. Very pleased!

Chris did an awesome Job and the cars look brand new! All of his work is guaranteed. He even was able to remove some old window tint and re tint for a very reasonable price. (my husbands car had illegal window tint and was told to have it fixed since he is a police officer).

If you go see Chris tell him I (Nicole Figley) sent you!
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