How is Puckhead Hockey different from pickup hockey?
Unlike pickup hockey, we strive to make this club hockey as close to real game play as possible. We have a maximum of 20 skaters (plus goalies). There are 10 skaters per team, two lines of 5 skaters each. Each line skates for 2 minutes and then changes. This way, each skater gets equal time on the ice, no matter their skill level. Unlike pickup hockey; skating for 2 minutes and sitting for 15 waiting for the 15 guys on your bench to rotate through, thanks to those who never get off the ice.
There are no referees, so infractions are kept to a minimum and self-enforced. Remember, this is club hockey with an emphasis on fun, skill building and exercise. 'Please leave the hot dogging, chippy playing and puck hogging at home!
Where do you play?
Currently we play at three different Ice Rinks around the valley:
Gilbert Polar Ice in Gilbert, Click for Map
Arcadia Ice Arena in Phoenix, Click for Map
Alltell Ice Den in Scottsdale, Click for Map

How much does it cost to play? 
Game fee is currently $30 per game at all venues. You only pay for the games you play and not the ones you don't. Its pay-as-you-go pricing. Registration is done easily online for all members current in their annual membership fees.  Goalies pay the same membership fee as skaters but do not pay a game fee.  The Annual fee for both Skater and Goalie is $75 per year.  This includes your first set of custom jerseys, free skate sharpening thru out the year and many more discounts and free skate opportunities. 
How old do I have to be to play?
Adults of any age can play.  Younger players under 18 years old will be allowed to play on a case-by-case basis, with their parents permission and signed waiver. Contact Ray if you have a son or daughter that would like to play.
How do I sign up?
Puckhead Hockey Club requires website registration and payment of membership fees.  Simply visit and click on register now. Once you registered, just log in and you will see the game calendar. Select the game you want to play in click on it and its that easy.  Be sure to join the wait list if your game is already full and make sure you are aware of the cancellation and no show policy as there are fees associated with no shows and cancellations made within 6 hours of game time. You can pay with credit online or cash at the game.
What if I get hurt during game play?
Puckhead Hockey requires an injury liabillty waiver to be signed before you can skate.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you understand that you SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK and Puckhead Hockey Club is not responsible or liable for any injury incured before, during, or after any club event.  The waiver is considered signed and accepted during the original registration process with a digitial initial.  The waiver is available on-line for review.  Please take time to read the waiver. We suggest that you wear full protective gear at all times to help minimize the inherent risk associated with a sport of this nature.
What if I sign up but have to cancel short notice?
Cancellations are troublesome for all members because it makes the teams skate uneven or short, but we know they do happen.
Our Short Notice (within 6 hours of game time) Cancellation Policy is basically this: 
The spot you cancel needs to be paid for. If you cancel WITHIN 6 hours of game time,  you will be responsible for the fee, payable at your next skate or if you have available balance it will be taken from your account.
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