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  • Each player will be required to register the first time you visit the website. This will provide you with your user name and password that will you will use to login each time you sign up for a game.
  • When you register, please be very thorough and make sure you complete all information. You will be asked to self classify your level of play so that you can be placed on lines with which you are most compatible. We will be assigning players by skill level as follows: Skill Level 1- advanced skater, Skill Level 2- intermediate or average skater, Skill Level 3- beginning skater.
  • Signing up for a game is easy! Simply visit the website and log in using your user name and password you received when you registered. Select the date you would like to play and click "sign up". It's that simple. If a game is already full you will be given the opportunity to sign up on a waiting list which is highly recommended as we can typically get you moved from the waiting list to the active game. If you join the waiting list it is VERY important that you check your email 2 hours prior to the game to see if you have been moved to the active roster. This email will be your only notification and you are held accountable to the game just as you would be if you had signed up on the active roster. If you are moved from the waiting list to the active roster WITHIN that two hours before the game, you will receive a call or text to confirm. If you are on the waiting list, please do your best to be available if moved to the active roster.


The rules are short and simple. Have fun and no fighting! If you cannot play nice with others then you cannot play at all.
  • All games will consist of NO MORE than 20 skaters (2 lines of 5 players per bench). Our goal is to fill every game and you can help make that happen by having a good time and sharing that with others.
  • Any game that is short (less than 20 skaters) will be played as equally as possible and lines divided accordingly.
  • There will be two goalies for every game. This feature is one of the many features of PUCKHEAD hockey that differs from "drop in" hockey.
  • Game jerseys will be provided for each player prior to the game and must be left in the locker room at the end of each game.
  • Warm-up will typically be about 5 minutes while goalies set nets and take a few warm-up shots. Please do not try to kill your goalies during warm up.
  • Game play will start with one side "dumping the puck" and the lines will change every 2 minutes. When the line changes please leave the puck on the ice where it sits. PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE PLAY. It takes time away from the next line.
  • PUCKHEAD HOCKEY is a game of honor, if you commit a penalty or go offside, please release the puck to the other team and correct the condition immediately by coming out of the zone and allow the opponent to "regroup". We play without referees and for this reason it is crucial that all players play with integrity. If you hear the opposing team call offside or penalty, don't argue, just drop the puck and get back to work. It keeps the game moving and you will have more fun!
  • It is ok to keep score and be competitive but please remember, we are not being scouted and none of us are expecting to be "called up" to the pros so keep it friendly. If you find your self getting too upset just take a break and remember why you are on the ice. We will NOT tolerate any violence on the ice or in the locker rooms. When you play PUCKHEAD HOCKEY you are playing at your own risk and if you get hurt or hurt somebody else YOU are liable and may face legal action if your play was aggressive or not in line with the spirit of the game.
  • We will try to keep similar skill level players on the same lines so that it is as balanced as possible HOWEVER, if you find yourself "hot dogging" out there please remember that you are on a TEAM and all players on your line deserve the same play time as you do. If you feel you are ready to step up to the next line just let Ray know and I will make sure you get that opportunity.
  • When the final buzzer sounds please exit the ice immediately. We have been given 90 minutes of ice time for our games and this is exceptional value for the price. Please do not abuse this by hanging out and shooting that extra shot. When the Zamboni doors open, its time to clear the ice. All pucks shall be left in the puck bag at the end of the game. And your jersey left in the locker room for pick up. Please help keep the locker rooms picked up as well.


  • Payment and Cancellation policies are very strict and must be enforced without bias. PUCKHEAD HOCKEY CLUB was created to provide an inexpensive way for friends to get together and play the game we all love. We have set the price to cover the price of the ice and the costs of operation only. There is no room for grace.

    Option #1 If you choose this option PLEASE come to the game prepared to pay the fee. There is an ATM at the rink but it rarely works so I recommend you stop on your way to make sure you have the fee when you arrive at the game.

    Option #2 You can pay for games in advance so that you do not have to bring cash to each game. This can be done by check, cash, or credit… check and cash can be paid directly to me at any game and I will apply this to your account so each game you come to you simply say credit and it is subtracted from your available balance. If you choose to use credit, you would log into your account and click on the link that says GAME FEES. This will link you to PayPal where you can deposit funds into your account from any major credit card. The process is the same from that point, you simply say credit at your games and you are done. You will be able to track your available funds in your Puckhead Account.

    ***It is VERY IMPORTANT that you read and understand the cancellation policy below. Because we do keep the fees low for our members we must enforce the policy without exception.


    Because I try to fill every game, it is IMPERATIVE that you show up for each game that you have signed up for. IF, you find yourself in a situation that you are going to be unable to make the game, please call or text Ray immediately so I can pull another member from the waiting list to fill your spot. The Cancellation policy is this. IF you must cancel your game and it is not yet 6 hours before the game, please just log in and cancel online. No need to call me. However, if your cancellation must take place WITHIN the 6 hour period just prior to the game time, you MUST FIRST call or text me at 480-861-3250 and then go online to cancel your game. Please make sure you do it in this order. If you cancel within 6 hours of the game, you will still be responsible for the game fee. Even if I am able to find a replacement for you. This short cancel takes extra time and effort to on my behalf in order to quickly try to get the new member scheduled and the lines adjusted. You are only responsible for the actual game fee, there is no fine. However, if you do not show up and you do not call, this is a NO SHOW and not only are you responsible for the game fee but also and additional fine equal to the game fee. No Shows are very disruptive to the program and very difficult for me to regroup and balance the lines on the fly. If you are not at the game and checked in NO LESS THAN 20 minutes prior to the game, your spot may be filled by a stand in player and you will be subject to the no show fees and fines. You will not be allowed to skate again with the club until those fees are paid in full. Please do not let this happen to you. I am not doing this to make money off of you, I am doing it to encourage every member to be responsible to the club and its members. None of us want to skate short because someone just decided not to show up for the game.


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